Who is Who

Concept Designer/Executive Producer for Feb 18-20, 2021 Events hosted on Treasure Island: Karen Earle Lile

USPS Building Bridges Special Postal Cancellation Series
began in 1996. Special postal cancellations have been part of world’s fairs, expositions and special events since the first one in 1898 that was issued at the Chicago Worlds Fair.

Each postmaster, of each city makes decisions for their city and who will be recognized. At the National level, USPS recognizes historic individuals, concepts and organizations through the issuance of a new stamp. For more history on this unique series of postal cancellations see the article in Wikipedia.

Since each postmaster makes their own decision for their own cities, this series only has two things in common, from issue to issue. The Building Bridges logo (designed by Karen Earle Lile and Kendall Ross Bean in 1994) and the Art Director for each cancellation: Karen Earle Lile.

Each individual cancellation has its own set of partners and recipients of honors, decided upon by the key participants in each city. During the pandemic, a special format was created and there will be cities on the east and west coast participating in 2021 (to be revealed), beginning with the premier event in San Francisco described below:

February 18-20, 2021 San Francisco


United States Postal Service San Francisco Postmaster:
Abraham Cooper
(providing a special postal cancellation as part of the USPS Building Bridges Special Postal Cancellation Series)

Treasure Island Development Authority
(providing film permit. Because of pandemic conditions, the public will view this event on on this website, not in person.)

Recipients of Honors:

  • Hernando Torres-Fernandez, Consul General of Peru in San Francisco
  • Mike Hennahane, President, Treasure Island Museum, on behalf of the Board of Directors
  • Patti Mangan, Commodore, Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association on behalf of all boats/ships on the waters in the Pacific Rim
  • Atta Pilram, Commodore, Treasure Island Yacht Club

Event Partners:

In order to make this special commemoration on a historically important day available to the public, the following organizations have partnered:

Treasure Island Museum

Treasure Island Yacht Club

Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association